In today’s world of stress and strain, Nivedita Joshi introduces simple postures for a peaceful and qualitative life. Each class not only enhances you mentally as well as spiritually but also prepares you to face the struggles of life with a positive, indomitable and dynamic spirit. The curriculum, covering the spectrum from the new to the experienced Iyengar Yoga practitioner, is taught at 4 different levels:

Introductory Course Seats Full

The 8 classes course is designed to introduce the new student to Iyengar Yoga. The concept of alignment and precision in Iyengar Yoga which brings mobility and stability in asana is taught . This course is mandatory for new students who wish to join Level1.

* DISCLOSURE OF MEDICAL CONDITION: Students with medical condition or any kind of prescription medication, can get admission in the Introductory course only after a paid counselling session. The fee for the paid counselling session is Rs. 2000/-. In case of non-disclosure of such medical condition or prescription medication, the Yoga centre (Iyengar Yogakshema) shall not be responsible for injuries/medical problems suffered by the student.

  • Course
  • Date
  • Time
  • Fees
  • Introductory Course Seats Full
  • 22 May - 13 June
  • 6:00 To 7:30pm
  • 7500/-

Level 1

From preliminary standing, twisting and forward bend asanas till the preparation of Sarvangasana is taught in this level. Ujjai and Viloma Pranayama are also introduced. A minimum of 1 year practice at this level is a must. Students with past experience of Iyengar Yoga can join directly at this level.

Level 2

More detailed understanding of poses – standing, twisting, forward bends and mini back bends along with the preparation of Sirsasana are taught at this Level. Ujjai, Viloma, Bhramari and preparation of Digital pranayam is also introduced. The student has to practice a minimum of 1 year at this level..

Level 3

Is for the Student who has done minimum 2 years of Iyengar Yoga and are ready for advance back bends, twisting, forward bends and independent Sirsasana. In Pranayam, Ujjai, Viloma, Bhramari, Digital and Bhasrika are taught. Students at this level must have a very good and 2 hrs of intensive home practice.

Teacher’s Training

The teacher's training programe is for students who have been practicing under Miss Nivedita Joshi or any other certified Iyengar Yoga teacher continuously for 3 years. The basic educational qualification is graduation in any stream.

Upon successful completion of 3 years of traning under this program, the trainee becomes a Junior Level - I teacher. For more details on the schedule and the fees please contact the office.